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Sooner or later, we all get stuck on something. 
A quick conversation can save you a lot for time and frustration.

Pre-hosting questions • Pick the best plan for you • How to get started quickly •Create a bolt-on solution to your web site • Link to my phone or tablet • Master user access restrictions • Allow safe "guest" account for public access • Rebuild from scratch or improve existing • Send emails with PDF attachements • Send SMS notifications • Improve speed • Connect to other platforms with API • Use the opening script correctly • Turn tables and relationships into a perfect data model • Deploy a strong naming convention for tables, fields, relationships and layouts • Build modules for each of your business processes• Benefits from universal programming technics • Day-to-day best practice, tips and shortcuts • Leverage server side scripts • Demystify globals and variables • Automate data processing with schedules • Create bucket reports • and more...

Meet your private Coach !

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