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+ Free Unlimited Coaching

FileMaker Cloud Hosting

– Fully secured – Offsite backups – 24/7 ticket support  –

– Starting at 45$US/month –

Meet your coach

The DaTatrium Coaching by phone will  answer your pre-hosting questions and guide you in the programming of your Filemaker application.
This unlimited service, exclusive to DataTrium,is free of charge.


The DataTrium ticket system provides quick assistance to your technical or administrative requests. It's available in standard or urgent mode. Easy and very efficient, it is accessible
24 hours a day.


In addition to your 7 weekly backups and your own backups, DataTrium will keep "off-site" a complete archive of your FileMaker server from the last 7 days. It is the ultimate protection against the irreparable.


We know that your FileMaker database is essential to your business. DataTrium’s day and night monitoring provides 99.99% up-time. The rare disturbances are detected in less than 60 seconds and resolved in a few minutes.



If you own an FM Server licence, bring it to DataTrium.
Otherwise, Datatrium will provide one for you.

No surprise garanteed

Unlimited traffic and technical assistance at no additional cost, ensures simple pricing, at a fixed prices, every month.
No surprise. Guaranteed!


No contract or penalty.
No setup fee.
DataTrium hosts you
month to month.
Simple cancellation any time.


With over 14 years of FileMaker Cloud Hosting experience, that's all we do!
Join our thousands of
satisfied customers

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